Business matchmaking


How can you ensure that your business matching is successful?

Meetings that are productive do not happen by chance. In reality, 80 percent of the success of a meeting is determined by how well it is prepared beforehand, and how easy business matching can be accomplished. Wego Markets conducts the legwork for you, allowing you to do successful and efficient business matchmaking.

Wego Markets is a well-known international business matchmaker.

We offer international business matchmaking services and agent search in numerous places across the world as a professional international business matchmaker. We’ll explain how we can match your company with appropriate international companies in your target market and facilitate direct, personal introductions for you after we analyze your criteria and needs.

These meetings are typically held in person inside the target market you intend to visit.

Because with our unique approach, each potential partner will have expressed an interest in working with you and your company specifically, based on a prior understanding of exactly what you do and how you would ideally be looking to work with them, our approach has significant advantages over other methods of international business development, such as visiting a new overseas market as part of a general trade delegation or by participating in a trade show, for example. Our strategy is particularly well-suited to firms that want more than a group visit to local enterprises or a basic list of potential industry partners.

This isn’t for companies looking for general market research; it’s for companies looking to start doing business in a new market. Please let us know if you are planning any international business trips in the near future, even if you will be traveling on short notice.

We’ll then recommend a strategy for getting you in front of relevant, interested potential business partners and clients as quickly as possible – you’ll be able to engage directly with these organizations and determine which ones are the best fit for you as you plan your international business objectives.

We have provided matchmaking services in a variety of industries in countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Nigeria, and the United States, including food, manufacturing lines, leather and shoes, cosmetics, and many more.