Product Sourcing

Find a supplier/vendor

We have many active projects with a professional team, and we assist our clients in finding their match suppliers from international markets by taking the following steps:

We help companies turnaround their non-profitable ventures into something that benefits them. Our specialty lies in understanding what makes a company special and what makes it tick.

Reduce cost and increase efficiency

Your requirements

Accurate information about your need in terms of product description, quantity volume, specific certifications, competition prices in your market and type of vendors you are looking for. We analyze this information, then assign our team for the project and execution.

Long list & short list

Once we understand your requirements, our team in the selected countries will begin looking for suppliers (who match your requirements) who can provide the right quality at the right price. They will begin approaching companies on their long list, and then proceed to the best short list suppliers. We will handle all communication between you and the vendors, copying you in all communications with them to demonstrate to companies that we are formally working for you! And you are serious about doing business, as well as about transparency.

Market visits and supplier selection

We arrange for 2 to 3 business day visits for suppliers to meet with decision makers; we professionally organize your trip and accompany you to meetings; and we assist you with negotiation and translation.

Negotiation and sales agreement

This is the part of the project where we save you money and get you the best price and deal for your products; our team will be with you throughout the entire negotiation process. We draft a sales agreement between you and your vendor that covers all of your rights, product specifications, and requirements.

Supply chain and order management

We ensure that you have the products you paid for and that they are in good condition, and then we store them so that they are ready for shipping with all of the necessary documents for customs and clearance, and then we ship your products to their destination and support you until your products are released and arrive.

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