Country management

We provide country management services to a variety of clients in many countries, and the following is what we provide:

Ascertain that your company is on the right route.

To do business with a new country, you must first learn about the market and be present. It’s possible that the strategies you used to succeed in your home market will not work here. Our local experts can serve as your country manager, ensuring that your company is on the right course.


Choosing the right partners/distributors:

We create a partnering profile for you that describes your business and the type of partner you’re looking for.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of potential distributors. We go over this big list with you to determine which companies you want to concentrate on. Once we have a short list of companies, we aim to schedule meetings for you as soon as possible so that you may come over and make the most of your time. We work with you to prepare for these meetings so that you may portray yourself in the best light possible.

We’ll handle communication between you and the partner, copying you on all emails and other correspondence with them to show suppliers and corporations that we’re formally working for you! You’re also serious about doing business.

Country visit:

 In addition to the positive impression you have of the products you offer, and based on the findings of the previous stage, we will accompany you all the way to the meetings and assist you in analyzing the best potential business partners. We tailor the program to your needs, and it typically looks like this:

  • Pay a visit to potential business partners.
  • Selection from a short list
  • Negotiate and draft the sale agreement
  • Set up shipping and order management